Newborn Baby Care - How to Cope!

Newborn baby care 101

Most new parents look forward to the day they can bring their newborn baby home. They soon realize however that there's a lot of things they still have to learn. Finding yourself suddenly alone and responsible for a tiny baby can be quite scary.

A newborn baby seems so fragile, how do new parents cope?

Newborn baby essentials

Babies are a lot tougher than you may think. However here's a few tips:-

(We've used a baby girl here for our examples, no disrepect to baby boys!)

Always support baby's head and neck when you are picking her up or putting her down. Newborn babies' heads are quite large in relation to their bodies.

Your baby won't need bathing every day, two or three time a week is enough or their skin may become too dry. They should only be sponged until the umbilical cord drops off (between one and four weeks). After that it's safe to give them a bath, just be sure to support their head at all times. It will feel awkward at first. Don't worry you'll soon be an expert!

It's quite ok to pick your crying baby up and give her a cuddle. Just follow your instincts, it's impossible to spoil a newborn baby! Give her plenty of love and attention and you will bond with her easily.

Babies love it when you talk to them and even the most untalented singer will always get appreciated! Music playing in the background is always a good idea for a newborn baby. It doesn't have to be nursery rhymes either.

Don't feel you have to tiptoe around when your newborn's asleep. It's better for them to get used to normal household noises when they're tiny. You'll have less sleeping problems as they get older.

Keep your baby out of the sun. Newborn baby skin is very sensitive and will burn very easily. It's not a good idea to use sunscreen until they're five or six months old, so just make sure they're always in the shade when they're outside.

Make sure you have the recommended vaccinations at the appropriate times. Some parents disagree with vaccinating their children on health or religious grounds. If you're with the majority that believe in vaccination, write the dates in your diary.

Your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping for the first few weeks. She'll wake up and need feeding after about three to four hours. If your baby doesn't follow this pattern, don't worry too much - they're all different. However if she's not sleeping or becomming distressed on a regular basis, have her checked out by your health carer.

Feeding a newborn baby. This subject is too broad to cover in detail here. As a general guide babies should be fed on demand - meaning pretty well whenever they're hungry! If your baby is having trouble feeding, this can be a traumatic time. If you're breast feeding the whole responsibility will fall on you. Don't feel guilty or inadequate if you can't continue. It doesn't mean you're a failure!

Try to take it easy during the first few weeks and don't feel guilty about asking for help. Most friend and family are only too delighted to lend a hand and they'll appreciate you for asking.

While you're caring for a newborn baby, you probably won't have too much time for housework or socializing. It doesn't matter. You and your baby's wellbeing are far more important than a sparkling clean house. Just get around to it when you have the energy.

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