How To Soothe Your Crying Baby

Some people get upset by a crying baby, others get annoyed and still others can turn a deaf ear! However you look at it, a crying baby is a call to action! That baby wants your attention NOW.

It's normal for babies to cry, it's what they do. Crying is a baby's way of communicating and expressing himself. The important thing is not to feel guilty just because he's crying. Even a perfect parent (if such a thing existed) would experience a crying baby from time to time.

The challenge for parents is to find out why baby's crying. Well it may be one of several reasons...

Ways to stop baby from crying

These are the main reasons for a baby crying

Colic - Not all babies have this painful complaint. It can start as early as a few weeks and continue for three to four months. Make sure he's brought up as much wind as possible and if it continues, consult a pediatrician. Lightly massaging your baby's abdomen can help occasionally. Sometimes colic defies the best attempts and there will be nothing you can do but try and soothe him as best you can profissional front end curso para If your baby suffers with colic you may notice that the crying has a higher pitch than normal.

Wet diaper or nappy - Some babies are very accommodating, they don't notice these things. Others get upset as soon as they feel a bit damp! It's a good idea to change them regularly anyway to prevent diaper rash.

Hunger - This is the most common reason. If it's only been a short time since the last feed, try offering a drink of water instead, he may just be thirsty.

Teething - Some babies have a really hard time with teeth. You'll know if he's teething because he'll try and swallow his fist between cries!

Tiredness - If he's tired, why doesn't he sleep? Ah! The person who finds the answer to this one would be a millionaire! Sometimes he'll be overtired and too stressed to relax. A walk in the pram during the day or a cuddle and soothing chat at night should do the trick.

Illness - If baby seems listless or feels very hot, seek medical attention straight away.

And for older babies...

Boredom - Yes babies get bored and fed up too! Try putting him on the floor with some toys, or even better play with him yourself.

Don't forget about you!

You need to look after yourself, you're important too! After all you won't be able to look after anyone if you're falling apart at the seams!

Ask for help - If you're having trouble coping with a crying baby, don't be afraid to ask for help. Grandparents and friends may only be too happy to lend a hand if you need to get away for a bit.

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage if you can. If you can't leave the house, try relaxing music, deep breathing or relaxation exercises and remember it will get easier!

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