Natural Childbirth and Baby Care

Congratulations! If you're reading this you're either expecting a "bundle of joy" or have already received one!

The benefits of natural childbirth

Wherever you are in this process, you're obviously a wise person that takes your own and your baby's health seriously. Natural methods of childbirth allow you to experience more fully the miracle of birth, a wonderful choice many more mothers are making today. By taking care of yourself during this time, you'll be giving your baby the best start in life.

Have you ever tried to access information on childbirth on a medical site, only to find yourself struggling with some of the words, not to mention the way it's written which makes it hard for you to concentrate?

This site aims to inform you about all aspects of natural childbirth and baby care without the jargon making it fun and easy to read! And if the thought of natural childbirth terrifies you, stay with us because you'll learn about natural ways to look after yourself and baby which will help you long after the birth is over.

Tips for a natural childbirth

When you're pregnant, no matter which trimester you're in, eating the right foods is so important. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, skinless chicken and some fresh fish are good choices. You need to be careful of some fish as today many species are high in mercury, which is a toxic metal. Depending on the country in which you live, find out which types of fish are likely to be contaminated.

Avoid too much salt which is usually found in processed or "junk foods" and drink plenty of fresh water. Go easy on sweet foods as too much sugar can cause swings in blood glucose levels and lead to gestational diabetes.

It's perfectly safe to exercise right up until the birth unless you're in to extreme sports! Activities like ice skating are not advisable either due to the risk of falling. Basically avoid too much vigorous exercise, walking and swimming are great.

There are many decisions you'll be making during your pregnancy. Diet and exercise are the two things you can control and are probably the two most important things to concentrate on in order to have a safe and stress free delivery, one you can look back on as a wonderful experience.

We'll look further into diet and exercise during pregnancy in these pages.

Oh, and please don't smoke, but I don't have to tell you that do I?

So relax, think positive thoughts and enjoy your totally natural childbirth!

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